Brand building boulderer.

Nodo Restaurant
Casual Italian Restaurant in Toronto's Junction and Hillcrest neighbourhoods.
The Raw Chemist
A health focused Juice and Smoothie Bar in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood.
Kindred Custom Snowboards
Ultra-quality handcrafted snowboards. Bringing snowboarding back to its roots with precision and style.
Wireless Nerds
A Toronto based phone retailer and repair shop that will get you on your way with a smile.
Pure. Organic. True. USDA approved personal body care products for mom and baby.
Meredith Heron Design
Meredith Heron is a designer and television host whose work is an extensive conversation with color, form, pattern and texture.
Essential Quail Television
A television production company formed from US based Essential Media and Australia based Quail Television.
I dream of one day opening a climbing gym. Being a designer, I got started on the brand… Complete with the world's first climbing inspired typeface with variant weights! Follow my progress on Instagram @analogclimbco
This is a WIP project
Nonprofit Sector
A variety of work done for nonprofits such as Easter Seals Canada, Food Allergy Canada & YMCA of Eastern Ontario.
The Middle of Nowhere
An experiment in letting go of control. My usual client projects are structured – everything having a place and a reason. This client is different; he is a musician, an actor, a philosopher and an all around chaotic human being. Psychedelic imagery is about all I have to go on and I am working to make something truly unruly.
This is a WIP project
Various Logos
A variety of additional logo projects and concepts. For some companies, I am still working on additional brand materials. For others, I only ever got to handle the logo itself.
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